Andrew's House, Barbican, Barbican Estate City of London

  • Private Houses
  • W Head M Christiansen
  • 2006

July or November 1969 Andrewes House was part of Phase III of the City’s building programme for the Barbican site. It was known as Block VIII until completed. The contractor was John Laing Construction Limited.
The building consists of eleven bays between giant concrete columns. In each bay on each floor there are two flats, one on either side of the staircase unit. The flats ‘wrap round’ the staircase unit at front and back. The bays are subdivided into three ‘room’ spans, so that one of the two flats has a two room span and the other has a one room span at front or backIt sits between.
Andrewes House is an ‘east-west’ or ‘front to back’ block which means that it runs from east to west and the flats go through the whole depth of the block with living rooms facing south and the bedrooms facing north.
Flat 18 has been fully refurbished by Wayne and Marianne, the flat had been languishing and required repairs on all fittings and finishes with electrical rewire also required. Carefully maintainiing the Grade 2 Listed inetrior was key and at the same time including the introduction of sustainable finishes such as organic piaints and goats ahor carpet from Ireland in apple green! Very 1970s!