Sutton Social Housing, Sutton London numerous sites

  • Housing
  • Sutton Council
  • £6m
  • 2016-2020

The London Borough of Sutton commissioned a study to look at the potential for infill development on council owned land as part of the need to fulfil demand for new housing. The projects currently cover an initial 9 sites each and provide a total of 44 new homes in a range of typologies.

While each site has specific requirements driven by the local context, we have developed a family of layouts and material treatments allowing for standardisation and the potential to procure as either modular or panellised off-site construction. It is envisaged that further sites will be released and become part of a rolling development programme.

To avoid mechanical ventilation, each house is naturally ventilated using ‘chimneys’ for Passive Stack Ventilation, thereby omitting electric fans and maintenance issues. The ‘chimneys’ are a familiar domestic form and have been developed to suit a range of layouts and types.