• Healthcare

Few environments touch our humanity as social creatures as profoundly as the healthcare environments we visit, routinely but also at life’s most triumphant and most troubling times. Curl La Tourelle Head’s approach honours their importance, and also their complexity. When designing healthcare buildings, we take into account:

• the demands of clinical practice, clinical equipment and their ongoing transformation as technology evolves;

• patient experience, including the diverse physical and psychological needs of healthy users and those who are critically ill or mortally in danger, and the needs of those who visit and support patients;

• the needs of staff who work in these environments;

• the business case for a site, both in terms of capital investment and ongoing operations.

In order to create high-performing healthcare environments, we view healthcare systems through multiple lens. Director Wayne Head has served for four years as a Governor of Homerton Hospital, a major London NHS Trust. In this capacity he takes an active role in the action plans from the CQC reports, selecting indicators for quality audits and monitoring the Trust’s PLACE results. Additionally, the governors are currently examining the future provision of pathology services and the potential impact of junior doctors strikes. We are therefore able to combine management’s perspectives with what we learn in our immersions with clinicians, non-clinical staff, patients, visitors and community supporters. Backed by the track record of partners and directors, Curl La Tourelle Head Architecture provides a 360-degree approach few other studios of our size can offer.