Senegal Elementary School - Sambou Toura Drame, Finalists, Marsassoum, Senegal

  • Competitions
  • 2021

A concept design of a new elementary school in Marsassoum Senegal.
The proposal seeks to bring together familiar local forms and materials with an exciting plan arrangement. Approach, entrance and arrival onto the site is via a covered colonnade and planted veranda. This same space provides a shaded hang out space for pupils and staff during the day and ‘opens up’ to host local events.
Beyond this space the school programme for learning is set out ‘in the round’ where classroom clusters facing the central tree. Each classroom has it’s own small garden in the ground level. Several of the classrooms are reached via wide stairs at first floor level. Long views across the village can be enjoyed from this level. The central drum shaped space can be the library space top lit with natural daylight for good reading conditions.
The plan arrangement feels very sociable and provides both a central covered meeting space and smaller secondary spaces for students to meet up and relax between lessons or for lunch. Split bamboo forms the pitched rooftops which also promote good Ventilation inside the classrooms. Locally woven cane mat can be placed over the bamboo internally for additional strength.